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Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
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Professional Electrologist Training

in Cherry Hill, NJ

The Electrolysis Training Institute, located in the Atrium Professional Center Complex in Cherry Hill, New Jersey is a State approved school. The Electrolysis Training Institute started February 2, 1998 with limited class size to allow for individualized student training.

When Christy Whitman was Governor, she signed a bill that regulates the profession of electrology in the State of New Jersey. This was a great stride in protecting the health, safety and welfare of the people of our state. Since electrolysis is an invasive procedure, and still the only medically proven permanent method of hair removal, it requires great expertise and professional training. The Electrolysis Training Institute is equipped to educate, in both theory and hands-on, future electrologists in the intricate, delicate and safe hygienic procedures of permanent hair removal.

Chloe Handler, CPE - Electrolysis Training Institute

The school's director, Chloe Handler, is an Internationally Board Certified professional electrologist and had been instrumental in accomplishing licensing for electrologists as Chairperson of the Committee for Licensure. Chloe has lobbied to Senators and Assemblymen throughout the State of New Jersey. She has operated a very successful electrolysis practice for more than 30 years and is recommended by medical societies, dermatologists, endocrinologists, plastic surgeons and other physicians in the area.

Chloe shares her business knowledge and expertise in her field with those who are interested in pursuing a lucrative career in electrolysis. Her goal is to graduate professional electrologists with the highest level of knowledge and practical experience in the field of permanent hair removal.